Promise Haven is just what the name says. A safe home for children and their families to receive fellowship and establish a family community; to have home-cooked meals from loving, caring volunteers; to have warm comfortable beds to sleep in; to wake in the morning knowing they have a place to be welcomed and wanted.

Promise Haven, a home provided by a local Lawrenceville church, brings the churches and community together to serve and to find rewarding, heart-warming volunteer opportunities in almost every area. A volunteer can be part of our fellowship team, our mentoring team, our meal team, our maintenance and facilities team, and more. It’s a place to use your skills to teach and engage others.

Promise Haven provides an opportunity for your creativity to really shine, as you work with the Family Promise staff and family members to create a welcoming, open, friendly environment. Like decorating? Volunteer for our Adopt-a-Room project. Enjoy reading? Help a child discover the joy of books. Good at gardening? Help our families plant a garden and discover that with guidance, patience, education, and dedication, their plants will thrive. Help them realize they will do the same thing.

Promise Haven – a promise not just for the present as we offer financial training, parenting classes, job preparation and more, but also a promise for the future.

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