On July 23 we posted a notice on Facebook and Twitter that we needed school supplies for the 45 students in our Homeless Recovery and Aftercare programs. Within four days, their book bags were packed with all the needed items. We are truly grateful for the community response.

The students included:

  • 18 elementary students
  • 14 middle school students
  • 13 high school students

We can’t predict how many students will be in the SaltLight Center emergency shelter from week to week, but our guests there include children most of the time. You can donate school supplies for them throughout the year.

Items still needed for various grade levels:

  • Dry erase marker, low odor (2-4, different colors)
  • Plastic pocket folders with brads (4-6 folders per student, different colors)
  • Black and white, blue, pink or gray bound composition books (2)
  • Spiral notebooks (3 or 5 subject with plastic covers)
  • Colored pencils
  • Washable colored markers
  • Red pens
  • 3-ring binder (1” and 11/2”)
  • Highlighters (2 colors)
  • 3-ring hard cover binder (2”)
  • Tab dividers 5-tab or 8-tab set (1)
  • Index cards, 3×5”, ruled
  • School scissors, safety
  • School scissors, smaller type with points
  • Graph paper
  • 1 gb or 2 GB USB flash drive
  • Inexpensive calculator
  • Report covers (3-5)
  • Safety compass
  • Protractor
  • White-out stick/pen or correction tape (no liquid)
  • Scientific Calculator
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex